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Area and Oriental Rugs Cleaning Services

If you have area rugs in your home, only professional rugs cleaners in West Palm Beach can ensure that your rug maintains its beauty over a long period of time. While it is indeed pretty tempting to start cleaning the rugs yourself, there is a major possibility that things might not work out like you expected. This is because it is very important to know that area rugs need effective and gentle cleaning or else the soft fibers in them can easily get damaged.

And when we are talking about professional rug cleaning services, Chem-Dry is already a famous name in West Palm and Boca Raton. With years of experience in this field and a team of dynamic and knowledgeable professionals, we have excelled the art of area and oriental rug cleaning. Over the years we have had many completely satisfied customers who highly appreciated our rugs cleaning in Boca Raton and West Palm.

We understand that area rugs are delicate and thus, we only make use of cleaning products that are gentle on them. Moreover, the cleaning products that we use do not leave any kind of sticky residue on the rugs which many of the other cleaning services do. These sticky leftover functions as dirt magnet and within no time, your rugs will be dirty again. Also, we can apply our very own Chem-Dry Protectant on your rugs which will be a protective shield on the rugs to protect them from day-to-day spills and mishaps. 

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We understand that your area and oriental rugs are valuable investments and require a higher level of care and maintenance. As a result, our services of rugs cleaning in West Palm and Boca Raton only involve the use of air and carbonating water. We do not use any harsh chemicals that can damage your rugs or reduce its lifespan. We use tools and equipments that have been carefully designed exclusively for the cleaning or area and oriental rugs.

Moreover, we keep wicking at minimum and take measures for preserving the dye of the rug fibers with the help of a unique technique for drying. All these innovative procedures that we follow are sure to make your rug look as beautiful and vibrant as a new one.

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 We also understand that every rug is different and there can be one one-solution-fits-all theory applied here. As a result, we first thoroughly analyze your rug to understand its specific cleaning needs, and only then we quote a reasonable price for our services without any obligation. If you are searching for professional rugs cleaners in Boca Raton or West Palm, get in touch with us and we ensure that we will leave you thoroughly impressed with our services.