Area Rug Care

Fundaments of Good Area Rug Care

Area rugs need the same quality care that is required for larger carpeting stretching from wall to wall. Additionally, in some cases, extra special attention is also needed.

  • Machine washing small rugs : Small rugs may be machined washed if their label permits. Te first step in the process should be to thoroughly shake the rug outside. Then adjust the temperature to the recommended level and place the rug inside the machine. A mild detergent should be used, along with 90 to 105 degree warm water. Rugs should then be tumbled dry with the dryer set at its very lowest heat setting.
  • Properly beating larger rugs : If it is possible to easily pick up a larger rug, it too should be thoroughly shaken out outdoors. A large rug should then be beaten after placing it securely over a clothesline. Following that, the next step in the process is to vacuum the larger rug after taking it inside. Rugs whose labels indicate that they are to only be dry cleaned must be put in the hands of a professional rug cleaner after rolling them up. One important caution: before taking the rug to a particular cleaner, first call to verify that a particular cleaner does rug cleaning, as many do not. Failure to check first may cost much in time and aggravation. Chem-Dry offers professional Area Rug Experts who can do off-site cleaning of your rugs. Trust us with your rugs. You’ll be glad that you did.
  • Vacuuming area rugs with a fringe: If your area rugs have a fringe, special cleaning techniques are necessary. Suction utilized should always be gentle and begin at the center, running the vacuum cleaner in the direction f the fringe. Take care that you do not wind up with strands of the fringe caught in the beater bar. Vacuum carefully underneath the fringe by lifting the edge of the carpet or rug to provide access.
  • Special Care for Persian, Oriental, or Turkish rugs : Carefully follow a carpet manufacturers’ directions when attempting to clean imported rugs. It is often advisable to utilize a professional cleaning service with experience. Fringe on such rugs especially requires gentle handling. Professional cleaners should always be used for heirloom-type rugs Call Chem-Dry now to learn more about our excellent Expert Area Rug cleaning services. If you care about your area rugs, whether you live in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Garden, or Boynton Beach, or elsewhere in South Florida, we are here to serve you.
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