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Professional cleaning of carpet is often overlooked. Why? Because you regularly scrub out all the stains and spills and vacuum it so the need for professional services seldom arises. But do you know that even after vacuuming the carpets on a regular basis, a large amount of bacteria and dust remain untouched? Over time, this will not just affect the quality and appearance of the carpet but is also very harmful for the health of people living in the home.

This is where Chem Dry’s professional carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach enters the picture. With innovation everywhere around you, we too have completely revolutionized the carpet cleaning process to minimize the use of moisture in the cleaning process which often leads to mildew and mold. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, our carpet cleaning services utilize the power of carbonation to ensure that the cleaning process is done in a more effective and efficient way. Ditch the carpet cleaners in West Palm Beach who still use the conventional steam leaning and drying methods and choose our superior cleaning services to ensure that the results are quick and are always in line with your expectations.

But what is so special about our unique carpet cleaning process? Allow us to explain.

Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval for Chem-DryInnovative Cleaning Technique

We make use of Hot Carbonation Extraction (HCE) method for cleaning carpets. This method has been tested by an independent air quality laboratory and they found that it removes almost 98.1% of all the allergens that are commonly found in upholstery and carpets at homes. Moreover, when this process is teamed with an effective sanitizer, its effectiveness is multiplied, which allows it to eliminate 89% of airborne bacteria in home and 82.3% of bacteria from the carpets on an average.

We make use of our innovative cleaning mixture, known as “The Natural”, which makes use of the energy generated in the carbonation process to eliminate dirt and bacteria right from the deepest of the crevices of the carpets and disposes all of it safely to provide you with fascinating results. Our cleaning mixture is made from mild ingredients and unlike other cleaning solutions, is completely safe for your children’s and pets. Moreover, the solution has also received the Green Certification which further verifies its safety.

Moreover, Chem Dry has also received the Seal of Approval from the CRI as the agency too believes that our HCE cleaning method is something that is innovative and effective.  

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