Filtration Lines

Removing Filtration Soiling

What can you do about those ugly black lines that appear around the baseboards and under doorways?

Filtration Soiling

Those of you who have a light colored carpet in your home or business may often see dark line appearing on the carpeting, marring its appearance. We call this filtration soiling. It is caused by the passage of air through the carpeting while trying to filter through the crack under a closed door or between the baseboard and the carpet. This starts to develop slowly and is usually not noticed until after a significant build-up has already taken place.

Filtration soiling is very difficult to get rid of.

The particles of soil are so tiny that they go very deep into the carpet’s backing. It can sometimes be removed, however, and reasonable cleaning results can be obtained using time, effort, and specially developed products. Contact us at Chem-Dry of Palm Beach County at (561) 727-7116 for an absolutely free no obligation phone consultation and estimate. One way to help prevent such filtration soiling from occurring is to regularly vacuum and then wipe the edges of the carpeting.