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Granite Countertop Renewal Service

There is no denying the fact that the countertops made from granite look exclusive. Granite is known for its durability too, and needless to say, its beauty lasts for years to come. However, over time, granite starts losing some of its shine and luster. No matter if sealant was applied when the countertop was installed, over time, the layer of sealant gets thin and starts allowing water to seep through it. Once the sealant layer gets thing, in no time will the dirt, germs, residue, water spots and other contaminants will make the countertop their home.

This, it is very important to regularly clean and seal the granite countertops to enhance its life-expectancy and maintain its beauty. However, while there are many products available in the market which you can use yourself to clean the granite countertops, it is very important to know that most of these products are more harmful than good. These cleaning products contain harmful ingredients that can damage the countertop and reduce its shine and beauty.

While our carpet cleaning and other in-home services are already very popular South Florida, we are adding another feather to our crown. On other words, now we also offer granite countertop renewal treatment to ensure that your countertop starts sparkling again.

Clinically Proven Renewal Results

Just like our cleaning technique, we also asked an independent laboratory to test our Granite Renewal Process in several homes. The laboratory confirmed that our Granite Countertop Renewal process when used along with a sanitizer can eliminate about 98.4% of bacteria on an average from the granite countertops. So, don’t forget, if the granite countertop of your home has lost its beauty, Chem-Dry is just a phone call away.

Chem-Dry’s Granite Countertop Renewal Process

We understand that different granite countertops might require different renewal process and as a result, our team first inspects your granite countertop to first understand the requirements. Generally, our granite countertop renewal process is made up of four steps- Cleaning and Scrubbing, Removal of Residues, Sealing, and Polishing.

With process begins by penetrating deep into the porous surface of the granite countertops to eliminate the germs, bacteria, dirt and grime that gets collected over time. The surface is then sealed to make sure that these contaminants stay away from the countertop and the life and beauty of the countertop is enhanced. We only used cleaning solutions that are Green Certified and are completely free from any kind of harsh chemicals.

Contact us today and allow us to use our effective renewal technique to infuse a new life into your granite countertop. 

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