Power of Carbonation

Carbonation: A Powerful Cleaning Method

Revealing the Hidden Secret of Carbonation

Power of Carbonation

Chem-Dry's cleaning method is a scientifically advanced and innovative one utilizing literally millions of microscopic, tiny, carbonating cleaning bubbles in our trademarked cleaning solution that we proudly call The Natural®. The carbonating solutions delve way down deep into the inner sanctum of your carpet, the crevices where dirt and grime gathers and festers, having an explosive yet gentle impact that throws filth off the surface of your carpet's fibers. Hot water then is sent in a powerful jet to lift particles of dirt from your carpet's inner recesses to be rinsed away.

Just like using club soda to get a troubling and ugly stain out of a shirt, we use a powerful proprietary carbonating cleaning solution to foment a powerful reaction in your carpet that cleans both carpets and upholstery in a thorough yet gentle and safe way.

Carpets Get Cleaner and Stay Clean for a Long Time!

Chem-Dry uses the completely natural powerful cleaning properties of carbonation to avoid the need for excessive amounts of moisture that could harm your valuable upholstery or carpeting. Don't much up your carpeting with dense and harsh soapy chemicals that only clean in a harsh and abrasive way. Instead, do your needed cleaning with natural bubbles that do the work for you in an effervescent manner that will get your carpet clean and help keep it clean for longer. The soapy scum left behind by other methods almost immediately starts to attract more dirt so you carpet is dirty again almost before you can turn around.

Chem-Dry's primary carpet cleaner accomplishes all this without any soaps, detergents or surfactants. And it is extremely economical since you don't have to clean your carpet as often.

Chem-Dry Eliminates the Problem of Unsightly Reappearing Carpet Stains

Most other carpet cleaning solutions don't really thoroughly clean your carpet at all. Some just move the dirt around! Dirt then sometimes gets pushed deep into the carpet, only to reemerge later. Steam cleaning units especially may have pushed dirt down into the carpet and the dirt pops back to the surface and makes your carpet rapidly look utterly filthy once again. Many soapy cleaning solutions leave sticky residues that attract and hold dirt.

Chem-Dry powerfully, thoroughly, naturally, gently wipes out stains quickly and efficiently so the carpet stays clean for a long time. Our solutions have such powerful cleaning property that a little goes a long way, and stains do not resurface, as we don't use high pressure. And we are so confident of this that we promise that if spots reappear, we will come back until the problem is solved.

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