Spot Removal Tips

How to Remove Carpet Stains

1. Begin Immediately! Increasingly, many of today's carpets are treated with products that resist stains. Accordingly a good many spills can be easily removed if you act quickly. The longer you wait and do nothing, the more likely it is that a momentary spill will become converted into an ugly more permanent stain. Staining can be the result of many factors, and unfortunately no carpet is absolutely stain proof.

2. Try to blot up liquids with a white, absorbent, dry white paper towel or a cloth. Avoid towels with printing.

3. Avoid scrubbing the area of the spot! If you do scrub, it can cause pile distortion in the area of the spot. Keep using paper towels or a dry cloth until you have removed all moisture from the spot. If the spill involved semi-solids, try to scoop them up carefully with a round spoon. Then use a vacuum to get up any remaining solids after breaking them up. If you can tell what the substance of the spot is composed of, you can look it up in the spot removal computer and access detailed instructions on how to proceed.

4. Your spot removal agent should be pretested in the most inconspicuous area of the spill to ensure that the agent won't damage the dye or the fibers of the carpet. Put just a few drops on the area to be tested, followed by gently pressing a white cloth on the dampened area for approximately 10 seconds. Look at both the cloth and carpet to detect any damage to the carpet or color transfer or change. If any f these occur, it is important to select a different cleaning solution.

5. Put a small amount of the cleaning solution selected on a white cloth and gently use it on the spot.

6. Start your work from the edges of the spill to the center of the area. This should assist greatly in preventing the spill from spreading. One necessary caution: You absolutely must not scrub! Then blot up to try to absorb the maximum amount of the stain. It may be necessary to repeat this several times.

7. Keep deploying the selected cleaning solution for as long as you see a transfer of the spill to the cloth. You do not need to use absolutely all of the cleaning solutions if the first one suffices to remove the spill.

8. Don't get impatient! Getting the spill completely out can require repeating a step in this process a number of times. Don't go on to step 9 until you can see that the stain is entirely gone.

9. Thoroughly rinse the whole area of the spot using only cold water, and then blot it up using a dry cloth to remove all of the solution. If you neglect to remove all of the cleaning solution, it may cause rapid soiling.

10. Take a layer of white paper towels that is approximately one-half inch and apply it to the area of the spot, using a heavy flat object to weigh it down. Repeat using fresh paper towels as needed. You can substitute an absorbent dry cleaning compound if you want to speed up the drying time required.

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