Wool Carpet Care

Wool Carpet Care

With proper and regular care, your woollen carpets can actually provide you with longer years of comfort and enjoyment. Just like many other natural fabrics, woollen carpets get more beautiful with use and age. However, it is very important to make sure that you are following a good cleaning and maintenance regime to ensure that the woollen caret maintains its beauty.

We at Chem-Dry have collected some very useful tips which you can use for your woollen carpets.

Wool Carpet Care Tips

  • One of the most important things that you can do is to regularly vacuum your woollen carpet. If you have a cut pile woollen carpet, make sure that you buy an upright vacuum that has a brush/beater bar. If you have loop pile Berber carpet, you can prevent the problem of excessive fuzzing with the help of a suction-only vacuum. As soon as the dust bag of the vacuum is half-full, empty it before continuing it with the vacuuming process.

  • Place absorbent mats both, inside and outside of the home or office, especially at entrances that are commonly used. Make sure that you regularly wash these absorbent mats when they are dirty and even replace them when required. This will help in reducing the amount of dirt and grime from the bottom of the footwear to get on the woollen carpet.

  • It is also very important to replace the air filters of your HVAC systems regularly. These filters remove the dust, dirt and particles of other contaminants from the room and as a result, lesser amount of these contaminants get to settle on the carpet.

  • No matter how hard you try spills and drops will occur. However, make sure that you are always prepared to remove the stains caused by spills or drops as soon as they occur. This is because when these items stay on the carpet for long durations, it can be very difficult to remove their stains. So make sure that you have easy access to a good gentle cleaner and cloth or paper towels at all times.

  • Stain repellent treatments that make use of silicone should be avoided at every cost. They speed up the carpet resoiling and before you know it, you carpet will be dirty again. As a matter of fact, a large number of carpet manufacturers do not entertain complaints from owners if their carpets have been through a silicone-based stain repellent treatment. Our professional cleaning services can be of great help to remove all the stains in the safest and quickest manner.

Use the above mentioned tips and you will be able to retain the beauty of your woollen carpets. And if you are in South Florida and need any kind of help with your woollen carpets, we are always available to help you out.